SJ Calm Recover

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Easily annoyed?

Getting uncomfortable cramps?

Waiting forever for your muscles to recover after workouts?

Don’t let the everyday hassle get the best of you – supply your body with a dose of one of the most crucial minerals through Calm Recover.

Here’s what makes Calm Recover our go-to stress-relieving supplement:

✅ Magnesium glycinate - the most effective form of magnesium out there
 Calms your nervous system, reducing stress and increasing focus
 Eliminates painful cramps
Balances blood pressure
Boosts recovery time after workouts

May potentially reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in the future!
✅ Vegan-friendly
 Gluten, Soy, AND Dairy Free

One serving of our supplement provides you with 400mg of patented and most potent magnesium glycinate on the market that is ready to put you in that relaxation-recovery mode and help your body receive its much-needed nutrients.

It’s like an actual “chill pill”!

We’ve both been taking it before bed for easier sleeping during nerve-racking situations, and the way it’s been helping our bodies recover over the night is unlike any other supplement we’ve tried!

Not to mention it shortens muscle recovery times which means you can continue to train and get fitter and stronger with the FitFam and avoid taking excessively long breaks.

So why not support your diet with a mineral known for its superior absorption that quickly targets and deals with magnesium deficiency?

Time to recharge your batteries and enjoy yourself to the fullest with that calmly recovered energy!


each bottle contains 90 capsules

Recommended use: take 3 capsules around 30-60 mins before bed time