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S&J 'Outdoor Sport' Pack - Bundle

Regular price $165.96 Sale price $139.99
Glitter Ribbon Size (Tracksuit & T-Shirt)
Slides Size

The S&J Outdoor Sport Merch Pack is a sportswear set designed to bring comfort and breathability to outside workouts or other demanding activities.

Consisting of the:

S&J GlitterRibbon Tracksuit

S&J GlitterRibbon Tee

S&J Premium Blue Adjustable Cap

and S&J Cloudsole Blue Slides, this bundle is a perfect match for any type of fitness, regardless of your experience.

Sourced from durable materials, with the addition of stylish, minimalistic design features, each piece of sportswear is able to withstand hot or rainy weather, continually allowing your body to get proper ventilation.

Available in different size variants.