Lekkies Run Shorts

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For the joy of running.

Lekkie loves running, not for fitness, weight loss or winning, but for the pure freedom of movement.

When she runs, she is nature, the movement as ancient as time, innocent and perfect.

The most basic freedom, to run unencumbered and free is human experience at its simplest. It’s why children smile when they run, the joy is authentic. 

And it should be for you.


That’s why we created Lekkies.

Lekkies contagious love of running makes you want to run.  They whisper to you, gently nudging you with bright optimism.

“Let’s run today,” Lekkies whisper to the child in you.

Will you answer?


Will you allow the wind to sing its gentle song; caressing your ears while you run joyfully away from the chaos, the stress, the noise?

Oh but for a minute or an hour, grant yourself this gentle, kind freedom…

The deep relaxed breathing in harmony with the rhythm and patter of footfall while your mind wanders joyously through meditative fields of thought, summoning the purest part of your soul.

Will the child inside be granted a few minutes to run, to fly, to smile, to laugh?

She certainly deserves it.



For the joy of running.




Super lightweight running/exercise shorts with supportive, anti chafe internal tights.

2 large, hidden phone pockets fit up to an XL phone without bouncing (iPhone 14 Pro Max)

hidden key or coin pocket

color: black

fabric: hydrophobic sweat wicking poly/spandex blend