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Going to the beach or the pool, I always felt insecure about my cellulite.  I'd wear shorts over my bikini, but it was obvious that I was insecure, and getting them back on after swimming is so hard - and not to mention getting a pair of shorts to match my bikini?? 

I've tried coverup, but they cover too much, and they are NOT easy care!

So we created the Skini™

A Skirt, to go over your bikini. Skirt-kini... Skini™

It's like camouflage for your cellulite, but not your bikini!!

Here's why you NEED a Skini in your life:

  • Easy-care mesh - perma-pleated and water resistant - so you never have to iron it - just gentle cold wash it and hang it; it will bounce back to pleated (and dry) in 30 mins.
  • But you never have to wash it unless you spill on it - beach sand just shakes off, and since it's made of refractive, non absorptive mesh, you can just wipe stains clean.
  • refractive mesh, so you can see the shape and colour of whats underneath, but not the details (camouflages cellulite!)
  • Elastic drawstring waist so it fits you at all times of the month
  • Large pockets (yay!)
  • fully recycled from sustainable materials
  • We've made them in black, white and grey so they match every outfit!

They also go SO WELL over leggings!

Skini Size Chart