Sexy Mermaid Leggings

Sale price $59.00

Oooh mama, if you see this and it's not sold out, you're having a lucky day!

Every time I've worn these I've gotten countless comments and messages to buy them, but they weren't 100% perfect to my very fussy liking yet so I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting!

But they're now ready.  And Better than you could ever imagine.

The look is absolutely stunning and incredibly sexy.  There is a mesh split that goes right up to your bum, BUT its the perfect mesh size that doesn't squelch out skin, cellulite or fat - no matter your shape.  

Believe me, I put these on my 60 year old mum and my dad couldn't wipe the smile off his face.  Nor could she.

BONUS!! I deep pocket that holds a XL phone.  High waisted like you're used to and that buttery soft, gorgeous fabric we've become famous for.

Once you've added this to cart, match it with the Sexy Mermaid Bra and the gorgeous Reversible Sexy Mermaid Crop

Like everything we've ever made, we've made it with the absolute best fabrics and methods possible.  90% of our customers are repeat customers, because they trust our uncompromising quality; a responsibility we take VERY, VERY seriously.