Jan 2024 Super Starter Pack
Jan 2024 Super Starter Pack
Jan 2024 Super Starter Pack
Jan 2024 Super Starter Pack
Jan 2024 Super Starter Pack
Jan 2024 Super Starter Pack

Jan 2024 Super Starter Pack

Choose any 2 SJ Shred Flavors and we will give you 1 FREE Ultimate C, 1 FREE Healthy Kids and 1 FREE Calm Recover.

Regular price $129.00 AND we will pay your shipping for you!
What you get for Only $129 USD:
  • 2 x SJ Shred (Amazing Energy and Focus)
  • 1 x Ultimate C (Highest potency of 3 forms of Medical grade Vitamin C to Prevent New Year Illness)
  • 1 x Healthy Kids (Chocolate Flavored Multivitamin Drink, good for adults too!)
  • 1 x Calm Recover (Purest Magnesium to help recovery and sleep)
  • FREE shipping (worldwide)

When you choose any 2 SJ Shred Flavors, we will give you:

- 1 x FREE Ultimate C

- 1 x FREE Healthy Kids

- 1 x FREE Calm Recover

- And we will deliver it to you anywhere in the world for free.


Because it’s important to us to help as many people get fit in 2024 as well can, and we know January is when most people start their new fitness programs. Hopefully one of ours, but even if its not;

SJ Shred is like a cheat code for your diet (it stumps your hunger, gives you massive energy, clarity and focus, tastes amazing and won’t break your fast!). 

learn more about SJ Shred here

Ultimate C will supercharge your family’s immune system to keep those pesky bugs and viruses away (Its powered by the 3 highest potency forms of medical grade vitamin C, has zero calories and tastes delicious). 

Learn more about Ultimate C here

Calm Recover, the purest form of magnesium speeds recovery and aids in a deeper, more restful sleep,

Learn more about Calm Recover here


HealthyKids, our chocolate flavored multivitamin for the whole family (not just the kids), tastes like a chocolate milkshake, but it’s like a bowl of veggies and a multivitamin in one.

Learn more about HealthyKids here

And we’re going to pay for the shipping for you.

We’re limiting the numbers of this order to one per customer, and if any of these products sell out, we have to close the deal.

This offer is not available anywhere else on our site.

So take advantage of our generosity, and kickstart your family’s resolutions now, before we sell out.