SJ Weight Lifting Belt

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Protecting your core is critical when lifting heavy weights. We have tried so many weightlifting types and styles and created our own belt based on exactly what we wanted.

  • Wide - a wider belt spreads the load through your core so it's not like squeezing a water balloon.  
  • Soft but stiff interior - a lot of belts are either too soft (don't support you) or too stiff (give you blisters). Not the SJ weightlifting belt.
  • Extra-long velcro - when you're really lifting hard, you don't want your belt to slip - normal velcro is (a) cheap so it doesn't stick firmly, and (b) too short, so under pressure, it slips. We doubled the length of ours and made it from the best commercial grade velcro so you don't have to fear blowout or slippage.
  • Extra-large, Heavy Duty buckle with massive locking bar. This is critical for 2 reasons. 

1: most buckles are too thin, or badly shaped, which means the strap bunches. If it bunches, it can slip sideways which can be dangerous.
2: The extra-large locking bar is another way to ensure the belt doesn't slip - we can't stress enough that a belt that slips is well, useless. 

  • Looks good - whether you choose the clean lines of the icon pattern or the gorgeous sparkle version, you'll be sure to impress in the gym. But more importantly, you'll be excited about your next workout (which is critical to long term success).