SJ Ultimate C
SJ Ultimate C
SJ Ultimate C
SJ Ultimate C
SJ Ultimate C
SJ Ultimate C

SJ Ultimate C

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Medical-Grade Vitamin C That Tastes Delicious WITHOUT Any Sugar Or Added Nasties!

Want to boost your everyday immunity?

Or maybe you just need a delicious source of Vitamin C you can share with the whole fam?

Well, it’s time for all of that to become a reality with our very own Ultimate C!

Let’s be honest, we live in times where an infection you get can result in something much worse than just being sick.

And it’s impossible for our immune system to be constantly running at full speed to shield us from health risks.

That’s when it’s good to have a helping hand around.

With Ultimate C, you can supply your body with one of the most crucial vitamins and carry on with your day knowing you’re protected from viruses or illnesses that could be waiting right around the corner!

One scoop a day is all it takes to:

Strengthen your immune system with antioxidants to effectively fight off inflammation
Reduce fatigue and shorten recovery time after more demanding activities!
Improve the absorption of other vital minerals such as iron!
Maintain proper blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease!
Regenerate your weakened or damaged skin by promoting the formation of new collagen proteins!

This delicious orange-flavored drink ensures maximum absorption with even higher effectiveness.

But most importantly, it can be enjoyed by you AND your little ones.

Julius and I regularly drink a glass with our children during the flu season or when we’re traveling to boost our immunity and protect ourselves from catching an illness.

Plus, with no sugar and no calories, it’s a perfect way to complement your Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum and FitDad programs.

Give your overstressed immune system a boost and enjoy a healthy lifestyle to the fullest with Ultimate C!